Workforce Development

Dedicated to helping local and national workforce human services organizations.

We are dedicated to helping local and national workforce human services organizations have a passionate mission to do go work. But without on-the-ground, programmatic expertise to realize that vision, cultivated relationships, and a holistic organizational approach to carry it forward, your mission won’t translate into effective strategies and programs.

Providing work-based learning strategies employment programs, job-readiness screenings, and capacity-building tools to public and private organizations across the country to improve workforce and economic outcomes.

Workforce innovation requires an alignment between emerging industry needs and data-driven implementation strategies. Our expertise in inclusive economic recovery and resilience, work-based learning, disaster recovery, and labor market research equips us with the tools and insights needed to support the workforce goals of our private and private sector partners. We offer services that included job readiness screening and individual plan development, community asset mapping, strategic planning, labor market analysis, employer engagement and capacity building.

Our Services Include:

  • Program planning and project management
  • Business services engagement strategies
  • Technical assistance and capacity building
  • Training and professional development